KENZAN Dojo, was born as a no-profit sportive club, at Gallarate in 1987. The founder members practiced Kendo and Kyudo (Japanese art of archery).

The first trainings were held in a dojo from where one could see a beautiful sight of Mount Rosa (the second highest mountain of the Alps); from there the idea to unite to spirit of the sword, "Ken", and that of the mountain, "Zan", which you see in the kanji on side.

From a group of brave volunteers, KENZAN Club evolved in a constant point of reference to Italian practitioners, thanks also to the collaboration of prestigious Sensei of several Japanese universities.

The Mon

The Mon, or symbol, who identifies Kenzan, is first and foremost a tribute to the founders of the Club.
Represents a tsuba (hilt of the katana), top view, with an arrowhead inside, in memory of the founding disciplines of Kenzan.
It is worn on the left sleeve of Keiko-Gi.
It is awarded to members who have distinguished themselves by various merits. Wearing it is an honor and a privilege.